Hosting services will be customised to you

Do you have some specific requirements? We will manage them.
What can we help you with?

We develop our own tools

We can manage them, and you can use them easily.
What are the tools?

We work actively with new technologies

Your applications and websites can run reliably and fast thanks to them.
How does the FeldHost work?

What can we offer to you?


from $139Year

  • advanced antispam & antivirus
  • access to mail online, even from Outlook
  • specific solutions for companies


from $0,02Hour

  • excellent connectivity thanks to
    connection to nodes in Europe
  • complete configuration
    of own virtual data centre
  • software OpenNebula
    with high flexibility and stability


from $45Year

  • it manages applications and websites
    with attendance rates of about 10,000 visits a day
  • maximum protection against attacks
  • professional e-mail solution
    included in the webhosting price


hosted websites




client mailboxes

Select your solution:


Professional management of servers frees your hands. Let us care for your servers.


Safe data storage. Daily backup and 9/5 customer support are commonplace.


Complete operation of your e-shop. You will appreciate fast downloading and top prevention (Anti-DDoS) of harmful operations.


Private and safe GitLab hosting. You can engage the code with the assurance that it has been tested in several environments.


Individual management of SQL and noSQL databases. You will be pleased to see its high performance and guarantee of availability.


Reliable solution of newsletters and collective messages. Thanks to our servers, you can send out up to 300 e-mails per minute.


Simple acceleration of webpages and applications. Downloading takes only a few milliseconds and the overall stability is higher.


Hotspot shield with which you can connect safely even to unsecured WiFi networks. It can protect you against the tapping of passwords and other activities.

Whatever solution you choose, it is ready for you...

99,99% guarantee of availability

Our servers are supervised by experienced administrators 24/7. Thanks to them, you can connect yourself anytime, anywhere.

Direct connection

With direct connection to internet to nodes NIX, FENIX, SIX and to high quality IP transit, your services will run quickly and without any drops.

Prevention of fall

It is provided thanks to a direct connection to the trustworthy network FENIX that can protect you even against massive DoS and DDoS attacks.

24/7 supervision centre

The supervision centre is operated by senior administrators that take care for non-stop monitoring and immediate reporting of any anomalies

9x5 customer support

We can advise you every business day.
From 9 AM to 6 PM, by e-mail or telephone.

Protection against DDOS attacks

Complete prevention RadWare DefensePro and network FENIX protect you against the temporary unavailability of your services as well as serious final consequences.

We have already helped…

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Our company operates several internet shops. In the past, we hosted applications and data with two important providers; however, we were not satisfied with some drawbacks, such as operating failures, occasional problems with the availability of technical support or insufficient communication. We have experienced good services from the company FeldHost and primarily appreciate the quality service, highly professional approach and fast communication. We can definitely recommend the FeldHost services.

Ing. Vladimir Borecky - B.A.R. Praha, s.r.o.
Štefan Gembický

FeldHost is a small hosting company with a lot of potential and personal contact. Technical problems are solved really fast and support is very responsive. Unlike large companies, they are very dynamic and can change our preferences and technical needs within few hours. They also give us a lot of advice outside they'r scope.

Stefan Gembicky - Owner of the digital agency -
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I cannot imagine the operation of our company without the use of the excellent FeldHost services. I remember when we were sending the client data by e-mails, and this detained us incredibly. So now, we all have available everything we need. We get immediate responses to any possible problems. Full satisfaction on our side.

Ivan Smrcka - Owner of an accounting company -
Radoslav Michalisko

I have hosted my web at FeldHost for several years. I am satisfied with their services and appreciate the flexibility of communication and professional advice.

Radoslav Michalisko - Web Designer -
Dodo Otto

I am very satisfied with the FeldHost services. All has worked 100% during my half year use of the services. Absolute professionalism since the beginning of communication up to the final adjustment of the services. I can recommend them. As we say, our own experience is the best.

Dodo Otto - FeldShield user

We have reliable technologies…