The opensource software OpenNebula ensures high flexibility, extensibility and stability.
Moreover, through connection with FeldGit you acquire a reliable tool for the development and testing of modern applications.

What does the Cloud environment on OpenNebula look like?

Do you need more information? You can find it in the detailed documentation.

Only pay for what you utilise
Configure your own virtual data centre

1 CPU a 1 IPv4/IPv6 Address
Price for one hour
(pay as you go):
Price for one month
(pay as you go):
~ $ 
Price for one month
(prepaid plan):
Price for one hour
(pay as you go):
Price for one month
(pay as you go):
~ $ 
Price for one month
(prepaid plan):
Price for one hour
(pay as you go):
Price for one month
(pay as you go):
~ $ 
Price for one month
(prepaid plan):
Total price for one hour:
Total price for one month (pay as you go):
Total price for one month (prepaid plan):

FeldCare - Professional administration of servers frees your hands.

Let us care for the servers. We will take care of their speed, reliability and safety.
From $ 45 a month
Cloud panel Sunstone

Thanks to the cloud panel directly in the internet browser, you get easy administration of a virtual data centre (VDC).


Programme instantiate, monitoring and termination of VM instances, and available drivers for a docker-machine, rancher, vagrant and others - all this is the commonplace.

Own private networks

Within the VDC, you can create private virtual networks and virtual routers for the interconnection of VM instances. No unauthorised people can get into your network.

High performance

High performance and scaling ability guarantees you that the web or application will run very smoothly.


With Anti-DoS/DDoS protection by the RadWare DefensePro elements and connection to the network FENIX, you need not fear mass attacks.

Daily backup

We prevent any data loss by everyday backup to the dedicated server in the form of snapshots.

Explore the OpenNebula environment in more details

Do you need detailed technical information?

Look at the official documentation of the OpenNebula application that our Cloud utilises



How much time does it take to activate the service from our order?

Immediately after the order.

Where is the server installed, and what are the data centre parameters?

The FeldHost servers can be found in the Coolhousing data centre. We have leased our own 42U racks with dual 1Gbps connectivity and dual power supply.

What is the connectivity?

The connectivity is dual 1Gbps. The network is connected directly to internet nodes, FENIX, SIX, DE-CIX, AMS-IX and

What is the cloud storage infrastructure?

Two servers in a cluster take care of the cloud storage. Each of them has the LSI Synchro Enterprise RAID controller connected to dual I/O disk fields with SAS disks. This ensures redundancy at the hardware level.

The computing nodes, on which the virtual machines (VM) are running, are connected through two optical switches on the storage cluster. They share each other’s data storage and can be migrated from one node to the other one during their run, e.g. in case of maintenance, need to distribute load or a failure.

High performance of the virtual machines ensures the equipping of the storage cluster with 15k SAS disks and SSD, SLC, SAS disks in RAID10. You can therefore choose on which data storage you wish to start the VM, whether on a powerful or highly powerful one. We provide the data storage with less performance parameters for the applications where high performance parameters are not needed.

What is the difference between a cloud, VPS and dedicated server?

In principle, a VPS and a cloud virtual machine are similar; they use virtualisation and have many common advantages. However, a cloud VM is started on so-called computing nodes with separate data storage; this enables it to achieve higher I/O power and higher reliability; it is more flexible and simply scalable. The Cloud VM can be set exactly as needed and only paid for during a clearly defined time period, for which the running machine is utilised. It is one hour with us.

VPS is usually for a better price; however, it is paid monthly. It is therefore designed for the applications or web pages where a stable load can be expected over the course of time.

The dedicated server provides you with high computing power; however, it is not flexible. On the other hand, it has local data storage and therefore less I/O performance.

Why do you use the OpenNebula application?

When choosing a cloud solution, we have considered various options available in the market. OpenStack is too fragmented and complicated when compared with OpenNebula; on the other hand, VMWare is expensive and not flexible. Compared with other solutions, OpenNebula provides wide setting options, it is stable, easily extendable, adaptable and has completely open code.

Do you offer to create virtual private networks?

Yes, then your virtual machines can communicate safely on a separate network.

How does the payment model "Pay As You Go" work and when is it better to use it compared with the monthly fee?

The model "Pay As You Go" brings advantages if you need a powerful server, but for a limited time period and the ordering of a VPS or dedicated server would be too expensive. It pays off primarily for developers that need e.g. to test one-time applications and the servers run only a few hours a week.
The monthly fee will be used by those who need stable power and know that they will be able to utilise the capacity continuously.

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