Your own brand name

Prepare professional hosting for your clients under your own brand name. 
The addition of another client is intuitive, and you will manage it within a few minutes.
With the FeldBrand you will not pay more than $ 0,50 a month for one website.

Protection against attacks

Anti-DoS/DDoS is a protection that utilises the top elements of RadWare DefensePro and a connection to the trustworthy network FENIX provides 100% availability.

Safe connection

The connection works through secured SCP, SFTP or FTPES (TLS) protocols for protection against attacks and espionage.

Spamfilter and antivirus

Advanced antispam and antivirus learns automatically by itself according to the messages transferred into the Spam folder. Only relevant messages remain in your box.

Trustworthy communication & SPF

Automatic DKIM signing and setting of the SFP provide a maximum trustworthiness of your e-mails to you.

Access also through the web interface

Connection of the intuitive e-mail client in your internet browser is secured. You can easily set an automatic reply, forwarding and other useful skills.

Automatic configuration

Problem-free utilisation is guaranteed by easy configuration to Thunderbird, MS Outlook and Apple equipment with iOS and OSX.

High performance

Scaling ability in the cloud or on dedicated servers guarantees problem-free run of your hosting. And with high performance.

Daily backup

Do not worry about loss of your data. We provide a backup on the dedicated server every day. The backup history covers up to 30 days.

Leave the hosting to us.

Dedicate the saved time to your business. It is enough to contact us.
I wish to get my own hosting


How much time does it take to activate the service from our order?

We can activate the server immediately; activation of the service may be delayed by DNS settings.

Where is the server installed, and what are the data centre parameters?

The FeldHost servers can be found in the Coolhousing data centre. We have leased our own 42U racks with dual 1Gbps connectivity and dual power supply.

What is the connectivity?

The connectivity is dual 1Gbps. The network is connected directly to internet nodes, FENIX, SIX, DE-CIX, AMS-IX and

Does the customer service also apply to the clients who have their websites on our hosting?

Yes, your clients may also contact our customer support.

What happens if the capacity is not sufficient for me?

We will warn you in time that the capacity is about to be exceeded. There is no problem to change to a tariff with a higher power.

Do you have any questions not answered by us?

Contact our customer service on or call +420 773 353 303.

FeldBrand cooperates excellently with…


Cloud ensures virtual servers with high availability, XML-RPC API and fast instances of virtual machines.


Reliable solution of newsletters and collective messages.
Thanks to our servers, you can send out up to 300 e-mails per minute.


Complete operation of your e-shop. You will appreciate fast downloading and top prevention (Anti-DDoS) of harmful operation.


Private and safe GitLab hosting.
You can engage the code with the assurance that it has been tested in several environments.