Wide support of the commerce systems

We can provide the operation and administration of various e-shop types, such as PrestaShop, Magento, WooCommerce, Drupal Commerce, VirtueMart and others for you.

Protection against attacks

Anti-DoS/DDoS is a protection that utilises the top elements of RadWare DefensePro and connection to the trustworthy network FENIX, which provides 100% availability.

Fast loading

The service FeldCache and a new protocol HTTP/2.0 provide must faster loading within milliseconds. And your conversions will grow.

High performance

High performance and a scaling ability in the cloud or on dedicated servers provide the problem-free operation of your shop.

Daily backup

We provide backup on a dedicated server. Thanks to this, you will never lose your company data. Backup history covers up to 30 days.

We will solve it.

We will take care of the complete operation of your e-shop. It is enough to contact us.
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We reliably manage e-commerce systems for:


How much time does it take to activate the service from our order?

This depends, above all, on the complexity of migration and setting of the server exactly according to the application.

Where is the server installed, and what are the data centre parameters?

The FeldHost servers can be found in the Coolhousing data centre. We have leased our own 42U racks with dual 1Gbps connectivity and dual power supply.

What is the connectivity?

The connectivity is dual 1Gbps. The network is connected directly to internet nodes, FENIX, SIX, DE-CIX, AMS-IX and

In case we wish to get a complete e-shop, do you provide your own e-shop solutions?

No, the service FeldEshop only includes hosting optimised perfectly for electronic shops. In case you have your own e-shop solution, we will be pleased to help you with migration from another provider and even possibly to optimise your software.

How does the service FeldCache work for loading pages faster?
  • The user A sends a request to load a page, e.g. product detail or article.
  • FeldCache server knows that the page is not in its memory and resends the requirement to the web server
  • The web server processes the page and sends its contents back to the FeldCache server
  • FeldCache server saves the processed page into its operating memory and sends it back to the user A
  • The user B sends a request to load the same page as the user A
  • FeldCache server immediately sends the loaded page from its operating memory to the user B
  • Every other user can load the saved page much faster than if the web server always had to process the same requirement

The pages may be saved in the operating memory for 24 hours. Standard loading time is therefore only applicable for the first user within the given 24 hours; minimum response time is available to all other users.

Do you have any questions not answered by us?

Contact our customer service on or call +420 773 353 303.

FeldEshop cooperates excellently with…


Simple acceleration of the web page and application. Downloading takes only a few milliseconds and the overall stability is higher.


Reliable solution of newsletters and .collective messages. Thanks to our servers, you can send out up to 300 e-mails per minute.


Individual management of SQL and noSQL databases. You will be pleased to see its high performance and guarantee of availability.


Private and safe GitLab hosting. You can engage the code with the assurance that it has been tested in several environments .