FeldMail tells customers of your e-shop what is new with you! 
Distribution of newsletters, invitations and other collective messages can be set up in a well-arranged interface. Your server has up to 5 IP addresses; you need not worry about the distribution speed.

What does the FeldMail look like?

Simple creation of messages and campaigns

Create professional newsletters and collective messages, manage campaigns and transaction messages of your e-shop.

Well-arranged management and segmentation of users

Only send users the messages they want or need. Keep your contacts up to date using a well-arranged interface.

Statistics or delivered e-mails

Have an overview about who regularly reads your messages and what the customers are really interested in from your shop offers.

High trustworthiness and deliverability

Automatic DKIM signing and SFP setting ensures you maximum trustworthiness of e-mails and better deliverability of your messages.

Regular checks of the blacklists

We check automatically whether your SMTP servers are on a blacklist. If so, we can help you.

Fast sending off

Thanks to multi-instance SMTP servers with higher numbers of IP addresses, you can send up to 300 e-mails per minute.


The service FeldMail is not designed for sending out any unsolicited mails. We deactivate spammers without any claim to return money.

How will you utilise FeldMail?



  • 1x dedicated server
  • 1x IPv4 address
  • up to 150 000 messages
  • unlimited data transfer



  • 1x dedicated server
  • 5x IPv4 address
  • up to 500 000 messages
  • unlimited data transfer
  • VIP customer support


How much time does it take to activate the service from our order?

Within one day.

How many e-mails can be sent out at a time?

According to the chosen plan, you can send up to 3000 e-mails per hour.

Is it possible to connect FeldMail with our e-shop and adjust the triggers for sending out transaction e-mails?

Yes, we will be pleased to help you with the settings and connection to your e-shop.

Je možné prostřednictvím FeldMail odesílat pravidelný newsletter?

Yes. We have for you a well-arranged environment of the application MailTrain, where you can simply create a newsletter, send it out according to a list of respondents, and, after sending it out, evaluate the successfulness statistics.

Do you have any questions not answered by us?

Contact our customer service on or call +420 773 353 303.

FeldMail cooperates excellently with…


Cloud ensures virtual servers with high availability, XML-RPC API and fast instances of virtual machines


Safe data storage. Daily backup and 9/5 customer support are commonplace.


Private and safe GitLab hosting.
You can engage the code with the assurance that it has been tested in several environments.


Individual management of SQL and noSQL databases. You will be pleased to see its high performance and guarantee of availability.