Do not worry about the security of your sensitive data.
FeldShield connects you safely even to unsecured WiFi networks in public places.
So you can work unworried anywhere.

Easy setup

Install Windows and Mac OS services from the pre-prepared package. The service can be activated manually in the Linux and Android systems.

Safe connection

You are present on the Internet anonymously under our IP address. We encrypt communication by the FeldHostserver­s. These protect you against the tapping of passwords and other personal activities.

How will you utilise FeldShield?



  • 100GB for data transfer
  • simultaneous installation on 2 devices



  • unlimited data transfer
  • simultaneous installation on 5 devices
  • port forwarding
  • VIP customer support



  • unlimited data transfer
  • masking of your IP address
  • access to services through an Austrian IP
  • VIP customer support



  • unlimited data transfer
  • masking of your IP address
  • access to services through an Slovakian IP
  • VIP customer support


How much time does it take to activate the service from our order?


How does the service work?

Install the application OpenVPN on your computer; using this application, you can connect yourself to the FeldHostserver in an encrypted mode, and your activity is hidden from potential attackers.

Where is the server installed, and what are the data centre parameters?

The FeldHost servers can be found in the Coolhousing data centre. We have leased our own 42U racks with dual 1Gbps connectivity and dual power supply.

The plan "Austria" has the servers installed in Austria.

The plan "Slovakia" has the servers installed in Slovakia.

What is the connectivity?

The connectivity is dual 1Gbps. The network is connected directly to internet nodes, FENIX, SIX, DE-CIX, AMS-IX and

Do you have any questions not answered by us?

Contact our customer service on or call +420 773 353 303.

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