The well-arranged way of saving enables you to cooperate in a team and share documents with your partners or employees so that they have access only to the data they need.
All this with high security.

What does the storage look like?

Safe access from anywhere

Your data will still be with you – at home, in the office or on your trip, on a mobile telephone or on a PC. Whenever you need it.

Advanced sharing and co-operation possibilities

Enable your colleagues to share comments, events, contacts and other data. Change your storage into your working tool.

Easy integration with other applications

Do you use your own software for work? The API interface enables your connection directly to your data.

Data fully under control

Your data are secured and on the CR territory. Thanks to this, you have absolute control over the data.

Daily backup

We backup your company documents every day on the dedicated server. Thanks to this, you will never lose your company data. The backup history covers up to 14 days.

Safe connection

You can connect to the central storage yourself through a secured connection using the service FeldShield. Neither competitors nor attackers can get to your data.

How will you utilise FeldStore



  • 10GB disk space
  • unlimited data transfer
  • Free FeldShield service
  • Free activation and configuration



  • 100GB disk space
  • unlimited data transfer
  • Free FeldShield service
  • Free activation and configuration



  • 500GB disk space
  • unlimited data transfer
  • Free FeldShield service
  • Free activation and configuration
  • VIP customer support

500 GB is not sufficient for you?

Together with you, we can compile a solution that covers completely even specific requirements. Let us know.
I wish to get a customised offer


How much time does it take to activate the service from our order?


Where is the server installed, and what are the data centre parameters?

The FeldHost servers can be found in the Coolhousing data centre. We have leased our own 42U racks with dual 1Gbps connectivity and dual power supply.

What is the connectivity?

The connectivity is dual 1Gbps. The network is connected directly to internet nodes, FENIX, SIX, DE-CIX, AMS-IX and

How many users can share the documents stored on FeldStore?

The application enables the advanced setting of sharing of the document. You can share the documents with an unlimited number of users for whom you can set various access rights.

How it is guaranteed that nobody can get to my data?

Unlike other services for saving documents, you have your data saved physically in the CR and have full control over them. FeldStore enables the advanced setting of authorised access to files; you can connect to the storage yourself using the secured FeldShieldconnection. As long as you observe the basic principles of electronic safety (use of passwords, etc.), no unauthorised person can access your data.

Do you have any questions not answered by us?

Contact our customer service on or call +420 773 353 303.

FeldStore cooperates excellently with…


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